Where writing meets faith.


Scripture tells us in Hebrews 11:1, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (NKJV)

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I have a hard time wrapping my heart and my brain around those words, around their meanings, and around what faith is supposed to look like in my life.

Yet, time and again, I find myself drawn back to the issues of faith.

Faith is believing God’s telling the truth, and then acting on that belief.

  • The truth about who He is.
  • The truth about who I am.
  • The truth about Jesus and the work of the Spirit.
  • The truth about the best way to live now.
  • The truth about what happens when all this living is done.

I once heard a simple way to explain faith: belief + trust.

That’s a pretty good one. It works, but what does it look like in real life?

Belief + Trust = Faith

It looks like sitting on my front porch swing.

I believe porch swings were made to sit on. I believe porch swings will hold people up. I believe countless people over many years have successfully sat on porch swings. But until I actually sit on this porch swing, I will not prove I trust what I believe about porch swings.

On this particular porch swing, there are many things out of my control, and out of my sight: the strength of the porch swing wood, the sturdiness of the construction, the strength of the chains, the trustworthiness of all the beams and support systems above the porch ceiling. I will never enjoy the gentle breezes, or watch my garden grow, or listen to the squeals of my daughter as she plays in the yard, or have a quiet moment of Bible study from this porch swing until I sit on this porch swing.

Faith is the same way.

Within this site, you will find encouragement for faithful living. You will find examples of faith in fiction and real life. You will find writing prompts for writers. You will find all kinds of things that will make you consider the things of faith and what that looks like in your life.

Like they say in my old Kentucky home, come and ‘set a little while’. We’ll get where we’re going by the by, found faithful as we go.