Annabelle’s Joy — A story faithfully written

Annabelle’s Joy, Book Three in the Kinsmen Redeemer Series is available now at Amazon.

One of the greatest things about being a writer is that part of my job description includes being a reader. Add to that the greatest part about being a not-so-young person any longer – the feeling that I’ve lived more years than I probably have left and need to pursue worthwhile activities.

Thus, I get to be picky about what I read.

That’s why reading the Kinsmen Redeemer series written by one of my sweet writer friends, Betty Thomason Owens, has been such a pleasure. The third book, Annabelle’s Joy, has just released, so readers like me can redeem the time with good, wholesome fiction. Owens remains faithful to God’s writing gift to her and shares with us a modern-day rendition of the biblical book of Ruth in three amazing books.

Faithful writing from a faithful writer.

Here’s a brief look at what you will find in this book:

She’s waited too long. When Tom proposed last year, Annabelle wasn’t ready to open her heart to another man. Pain still held a thin crust around it. Time has healed her heart, but with a new woman in town, one who clearly has her sights set on Tom, does it matter if Annabelle’s heart is ready to love again?

Folks in town are keeping a close eye on their pharmacist, hoping to be the first to hear the good news. He’s been courting the widow Cross for nigh on two years now. Annabelle Cross better wake up and put her dancing shoes on. Mr. Tom is prime real estate.

Drift back into the simple, country life of Tennessee in 1957 with this sequel to award-winning ANNABELLE’S RUTH.

And here’s a little about my writer friend, Betty:

Betty Thomason Owens considers herself a word-weaver, writing stories that touch the heart. Besides her work on the KCWC planning committee, she also leads the Louisville Area ACFW group and is a co-founder of the multi-author Inspired Prompt blog. Married forty-four years, she’s a mother of three, and a grandmother of eight. A part-time bookkeeper at her day-job, she writes for Write Integrity Press, and has seven novels in publication. You can learn more about her at Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

If you want to read the entire series here is the information with all the links you will need:

From one reader to another, enjoy!

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